Contempt in the Cairo Airport to residents of the Gaza Strip

The overwhelming majority of Palestinians who passed through Cairo International Airport , To travel to the Rafah border crossing, have a stock of stories , Talking about pain and anger about the humiliation to which they are exposed , and the insults they face , and the days of confinement in small rooms Like animals , dirty , underground in the basement of the airport . Speak with bitterness about the security men who exploit , financially and psychologically, in order to allow them to leave the detention room to go into a dirty bathroom , Or to buy a box of milk to a child , or a bottle of water to relieve thirst ,Or buy a meal from the restaurant in the airport once a day .These inhumane and abusive behavior, which is aimed at Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in the Cairo International Airport, indicating that the Egyptian government contributes to the suffering of the Palestinian people . (Read this story, they are not of the imagination).


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