Does literature, poetry, prose and art is prohibited in Gaza

A year ago I have noticed ugly attacks on the poet of Palestine, Mahmoud Darwish, on many websites , especially those coming from hamas in Gaza . The attacks are without proper reason , and are not based on objective or literary criticism as they should be, but are only because Darwish belonged to a certain political era. International literature and poetry belongs to all humanity, and is not the monopoly of a religion or political ideology or party. It should encapsulate the overall experience of the people or the emotional experience of an individual, expressing their inner feelings and emotions - of course using the appropriate linguistic and literary style, and reaching the hearts and minds of the audience . As for the connection of Islam to Arabic poetry , we have the poet of the Prophet, Hassan bin Thabit . A great deal of Hassan’s poetry records events and situations and also the life of the Holy Prophet, as did the poetry of Ka'b bin Malik and Abdullah bin Rawahah and many others

After examining a little of the history and background of Arabic literature, and the way literature can help people deal with and even transform their lives , Seagull turns to the situation in Gaza today:Our poet Mahmoud Darwish, may he rest in peace, expressed the suffering of his people and their experience in a particular political era , as did many other Palestinian poets such as Samih Al-Qasim and Fadwa Touqan . People take pride in their poets and writers, but we in Gaza do the opposite… Why ??? The strange thing is that we have not had any poets or writers or artists or creative people in any artistic field in the Gaza Strip for decades… Why ??? We don't even have a theatre or a cinema… Why ??? We have no annual book fairs, as there are in every other country… Why ??? We have to acknowledge that we have a problem here in our culture and way of thinking, and that the [Israeli] occupation has sown fear in us, to the point that we can not express ourselves through culture but have started destroying ourselves and reviling whatever is beautiful… What is the solution


‏قال bint battuta
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