How much retained in myself of anger Several years ago

Even though I’m angry at everyone, at the world, at myself for the injustices in life, that it isn’t fair that I have this problem, I love and accept myself. I want to feel free, but I’m not free. I’m

.still angry, so much anger

Even though I’m sad because of everything that’s happened, for everything I’ve lost or missed out on, for everything I want but am afraid to have, I love and accept myself completely and profoundly. I forgive myself for being so angry and for feeling bad and I forgive everyone who
.taught me to feel anger

Even though I am angry, I love myself
This intense anger, it burns, it hurts, it causes wounds
All of this anger
My anger, sounds and sadness and fears
All of my fears
My fears of being good, of completing things, of receiving and of giving
All the rest of my anger
I release all of the anger
I release all of the anger I have and don’t remember why I have it
I release all the rest of the anger with myself


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